I’m back to share part 3 of our spring break adventures! If you missed the parts 1 + 2 spring break adventures post, check that out first.

We arrived super late on Tuesday night at Matt’s parent’s house in Sewickley, just outside of Pittsburgh, PA, and we spent the rest of the week there, hanging out with his family and our friends in the area.

In addition to Matt’s parents, his younger brother Drew and his wife Morgana were in town visiting as well, and the 6 adults to 2 kids ratio was an awesome one. We were able to relax a bit and also to see some friends who live in town, too!

Let’s kick this post off with the meals – here are some of the food highlights while there.

Food Highlights

I was craving some serious healthy meals after a lot of heavy meals at the water park hotel – a big salad for lunch most days hit the spot. (Plus unpictured crackers + hummus and/or cheese usually.)

Matt’s dad did some grilling for us, too. One night we had his classic cedar plank salmon, which I always love.

Yum, yum! Plus sweet potato and a vinegary cucumber dill salad.

Another grilled meal we had was kabobs – also delicious!

Plus a really good Greek salad, rice, and tzatziki.

We also had some yummy Blue Apron (<- affiliate link for a discount) vegetarian enchiladas. Very similar to my Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas Recipe but with rice instead of sweet potato.

We also had a couple of meals out and about. My sister in law Morgana and I went to a hot yoga class one of the mornings and grabbed an early lunch at Mediterra Cafe in town afterward.

We both had lattes and a big kale salad with chicken, veggies, and squash. It was quite good and I had enough leftover for the next day as it was massive!

Another night Matt and I, Drew and Morgana, and a few other friends who live in the area all went out to a concert in the city! My in-laws very kindly babysat for us.

I started the evening at a restaurant called The Foundry which was right by the river – cool views! We rarely go into the actual city on our visits these days so it was fun to be out and about.

We sat inside since it was chilly but the view was pretty out the window – would be fun to come back when we could sit out Spring Break!

Matt and I shared a big salad and a flatbread pizza, and I had some salmon in my portion of the salad.

It was SO much fun – they put on a fantastic show.

Below I’m with my friend Sarah from college – we were also roommates in our early/mid-20s and she is married to one of Matt’s high school friends!

Most of our original DC crew has moved back there now!

The other meal we had was Easter brunch with the family at Matt’s parent’s club. They had an awesome buffet spread and I got a very random selection of stuff!

Fitness Fun

On to the fitness adventures from the trip!

We got out for a fun family hike in Sewickley Heights Borough Park one morning:

Matt’s mom Doty and I joined in when Morgana taught a virtual group fitness pilates class, and the kids were mostly entertained/distracted during it by Matt and Drew, but by the end of class, this was the scene. LOL

Have you ever played pickleball? Matt and I played one time before on vacation in Florida in 2018.

It was SO much fun! Tom, Jack, and I all went to college together, and Matt and Tom are best friends from growing up. He’s the reason we met – they were all roommates way back in our early 20s in DC.

Tom and I also got out for a run one of the mornings – Matt was originally going to join too but he ended up needing to stay back with Wes, and I don’t think he was too disappointed to miss it. 😉

We had a good jaunt – made it 4 chatty miles!

As for the last day of our trip, Riese loved all the Easter fun!

We made the drive back to DC after dinner on Sunday evening and it was smooth sailing – the kids slept pretty much the whole way and we were home by 11:30 pm. Not too bad!

We were all very sad to leave, but it was nice to be home and to have the kids go back to school on Tuesday (Monday was a teacher workday).

I hope you have a nice weekend, and I’ll see you back here next week. 🙂

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