Smart Ways To Use Your Space For Relaxation And Wellbeing

Create a Home Oasis and Well-Being Environment
Create a Home Oasis and Well-Being Environment

Many people think of their home as an escape from reality. If you can’t relate, there’s a high chance you don’t have a healthy home oasis of your own yet.

Luckily, there are a few ways to turn the space into your comfy haven.

Benefits Of Having A Home Oasis

The average American spends 90% of their time indoors, which is food for thought about how optimal your space should be. While there are always physical benefits to having better indoor air quality and safety features in your home, it’s also important to think of your mental health.

A home oasis entails renovations and additions to soothe you from the stresses of everyday life. It’s a great way to boost your mental health in preparation for any daily responsibilities that you might have. It’s also a space to provide you with some peace when you’re overstimulated and stressed.

Constructing Your Own Home Oasis

What’s great about a home oasis is that it can vary from person to person. Your idea of a perfect paradise might look different from your friend’s and family’s. If you want a fancy kitchen with a fully stocked fridge, go for it.

These are some tried-and-tested methods for turning your house into a space for your relaxation and wellbeing.

1. Invite Natural Elements In The Decor

You always hear people preach about the benefits of having house plants indoors, but perhaps they’re on to something. Bringing some greenery inside can actually improve your cognitive performance, as their presence can trigger better memory recall and positive emotions.

Think about ways you can add a plant or two. It’s nice to browse different types of fauna and see what appeals to you. If it’s your first time taking care of a houseplant, cacti or succulents are good beginner options.

2. Pick And Stick To A Color Theme

Aside from having pops of green in your home oasis, consider arranging a paint job for the bedroom. Redecorating according to a specific color palette is also a good way to make your home seem more cohesive.

This renovation option isn’t just for aesthetic purposes. Hues can influence feelings and behavior. Different shades of blue and purple are quite soothing, but you may want to consider warmer tones like red, orange and yellow for a stimulating color.

3. Make A Scent And Sound Station

The living room is a key part of the home when you’re aiming for tranquility in your home. Invest in candles or oil diffusers that can help your home smell more calming. Lavender, vanilla and peppermint are popular scents, but you can look into other options too.

Aside from aromatherapy, music meditation can also improve your mood. Get a good sound system with high-quality speakers to shift the ambiance of your home. It’s recommended to play white noise such as waterfall sounds or leaves rustling, but you can choose your tunes.

4. Transform Your Garage Space

The garage space offers so many possibilities for your healthy home oasis. Turn your garage into a man cave, she shed, reading nook or another designated relaxation space. If you’ve wanted to try virtual racing, build your own setup there to prep an outlet to unwind in the future.

Just remember to optimize the space’s insulation, as well as other aspects of it. About 30% of your energy bills goes into heating, so preventing heat loss in that area of the home can help you save money.

5. Prep An Outdoor Area

You may be familiar with the idea that your mental health is worse when you lack access to the outdoors. It’s good to have an outdoor area in your home oasis for the times when you’re restless inside.

Like the garage, your house’s outdoor area has plenty of potential. Maybe you want to have an outdoor grill area for barbecue parties with your loved ones. You can also opt for a shaded patio for teatime or a morning cup of joe.

Rest And Recharge In Your Home Oasis

Having a healthy home oasis is a great asset that provides peace of mind when life gets overwhelming. It’s worth it to take the leap and redecorate. We hope you take one of the suggestions above and make your home more comfortable to relax in.

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