Long Weekend in Santa Fe, New Mexico

New Mexico

 New Mexico: I spent last weekend in Santa Fe!

I’ve been part of a mother’s group that meets on Zoom for over a year now, and I met 7 of the other women from the group in Santa Fe for a long weekend adventure. It was the first time I had met any of them in person and it was wonderful to be together and to explore a new-to-me town, too.

I had never been to New Mexico before! I was expecting warm desert, but Santa Fe is actually high desert – over 7,000 feet high, actually! It’s the highest altitude of any U.S. state capitol apparently.

And quite cold this time of year but that didn’t stop us from having fun. 🙂

santa fe new mexico

The architecture was interesting to see – everything is made from adobe, which is Spanish for “mudbrick”. There were also strung pods of dried red chiles hanging outside a lot of the homes and shops.

The red chile ristras serve as a symbol of welcome and good luck, apparently. It was fun to explore the downtown area and check out some of the shops as well.

chiles hanging outside a store in new mexico

If you ever find yourself in Santa Fe, the shop pictured above, Keshi, is a good and ethical place to shop – they focus exclusively on Zuni Pueblo art and buy directly from the artists. Their sister organization is a charity that benefits the Zuni People as well.

Santa Fe Food

We had some good meals while in Santa Fe!

Right after getting there it started to snow! It was beautiful. Here’s the view outside the window:

snow outside at the teahouse in santa fe new mexico

Someone saw me taking a picture out the window (I was there a little before my friends to secure a table for us, so was alone) and offered to get one of me in front of the snowy window, so here I am!

anne mauney standing at a window with snow outside

While waiting for my friends to arrive I had a really yummy carrot orange muffin that I forgot to take a picture of to start, and then for my main meal I enjoyed their bacon, eggs (on top of polenta), and balsamic brussels sprouts.

It was delicious and pretty, too!

bacon, eggs, brussels sprouts, and polenta

Another great meal we had while in Santa Fe was at a spot a few of us stumbled into while doing some sightseeing and shopping in the main downtown area of Santa Fe.

It was called Apothecary and we immediately loved the vibe – calming and mellow and with a delicious and nourishing menu. Apparently it’s also an oxygen bar, but we didn’t try that!

apothecary restaurant in santa fe

They even had kombucha on tap! I tried the berry flavor and it was great.

apothecary santa fe

The cold weather had me craving soup, so I ordered a chicken soup with bone broth, veggies, and noodles. It was super spicy but really delicious and hit the spot.

soup from apothecary in santa fe

I also had two yummy meals at the restaurant on site at Ojo Santa Fe, which is a lovely spa that the ladies and I spent the day at on Saturday. We all had massages scheduled and spent the rest of our time there hanging out in the various outdoor hot tubs and pools.

It was glorious and the contrast of the super cold air and the hot water felt really good!

ojo santa fe outdoor hot tub

I had their avocado toast with eggs, salad, and fruit.

avocado toast from ojo santa fe spa

The bread was delicious and I loved that the salad had truffle oil, but I felt like the avocado situation could have been more interesting – mashed vs. sliced, and with some seasonings.

roasted poblano pepper with quinoa and salmon from ojo santa fe

It was delicious, and came with a really yummy (unpictured) smoky cashew-based red sauce. I also loved their blue cornbread!

For our other two dinners we decided to all stay in and be cozy and order food!

tacos on a counter


tacos on a plate

Running in Santa Fe

I got out for two solo morning jogs while in Santa Fe and they were both fantastic – despite the fact that I was at over 7,000 feet, I felt really energetic and had a blast exploring and seeing a bit more of the neighborhoods and views of mountains in the distance.

running trail in santa fe

Running up even gradual hills definitely had me more out of breath than I would be at home at sea level, but I kept it casual and did a run/walk and really enjoyed myself out there.

I always love running in new-to-me cities – such a great way to explore!

neighborhood in santa fe

And I like running in cold weather so the 20 degree temps didn’t bother me. 🙂 Although one of the days I ran was cloudy and the other was sunny and I preferred the sunny weather of course.

I discovered some pretty neighborhoods:

neighborhood in santa fe

And found this lovely trail along a creek:

trail along the creek in santa fe

I loved this poem:

A closer view:

I also loved this raven sculpture:

raven sculpture in santa fe

I had wanted to get out for a hike while we were in Santa Fe, but the reports I read online said all the trails were still quite snowy and icy. Bummer – I bet the trails in the mountains around Santa Fe are gorgeous!

I ended up covering about 2 miles one of the mornings and about 3 the other and it felt just right.

The only downside to meeting in Santa Fe was that it took forever to travel there – I had a long 3+ hour layover in Dallas on the way there and back so it took me about 12 hours of travel on Friday as well as Monday. But, it was worth it!

I was sad to say goodbye to everyone on Monday – it was so nice to be with them in person instead of on a computer. Until next time, friends!

airplane outside in sante fe new mexico

Oh and one last thing – have any of y’all ever seen/tried this “Farmer’s Fridge” situation in an airport? There were a bunch in Dallas, and I saw one in the airport in Chicago while traveling last month, too. Their website shows locations in hospitals as well which is a cool idea.

It’s a vending machine, but with really fresh food. It was so good! I want one in my house… 😉

farmer's fridge salad

I had this salad (the “green goddess” with quinoa, lettuce, chickpeas, feta, pickled onion, celery, and candied pecans with a Greek yogurt herby dressing) one of the days, and a different one on my way home, plus their chia pudding with pineapple both days.

All of it was super delicious and really fresh, and I loved eating something yummy but nourishing and that didn’t feel heavy while traveling.

green goddess salad from farmer's fridge

Have you ever been to Santa Fe? Or anywhere else in New Mexico?

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