Crystal Healing: There are many methods to manage your health. Crystals have a unique structure that has mystified people throughout the ages, and various cultures have employed their use in healing.

Many Western minds today might think of “crystal healing” as the various components used to create multiple medical devices. However, do the vibrations of these gemstones inspire molecular and cellular changes in the human body that can improve your health? Here’s everything you need to know about crystal healing 101.

What Makes Crystals Healing? 

You can see a crystal’s beauty by observing it, and it’s easy to imagine that this quality alone inspired the ancients to imbue them with healing properties. However, when you view one under a polarizing microscope, the polarized light unveils unique properties and symmetrical structures. Thus, allowing you to see how it remains virtually unchanged regardless of what perspective you observe it from.

This perfection in their repetition pattern makes crystals ideal for carrying universal healing vibrations. Mystics believe they align with your body’s natural energy fields to spur cellular healing. Although no scientific studies currently support their ability to heal disease, vast anecdotal evidence claims they can improve overall well-being, even if the exact mechanism remains unclear.

How To Use Crystals For Healing 

When using crystals for healing, your first job is to select the correct stone for what ails you. Next, you must remove any lingering negative energies by submerging your stone in sea crystals for at least 24 hours before use.

Then, you can retreat to a quiet location and perform a brief healing crystal meditation to harness and direct the energies of your stone:

  • Hold your crystal in your hand. Which one doesn’t matter, although you might correlate it with body parts — for example, your right side for liver concerns and left for heart.
  • Imagine light and energy emanating from the stone and washing over your entire body.
  • Focus on your healing intention as you take several slow, deep breaths. You might count backward from five or 10 as you do so.
  • Linger as long as you need, concentrating on breathing into the area you wish to heal. You might hold the crystal over this area as you breathe.
  • When your session ends, gradually breathe awareness back into your body, opening your eyes and wiggling your fingers and toes as you slowly return to daily life.

7 Crystals And Their Healing Uses 

Which healing gem should you choose? Crystal healing isn’t an exact science, and the best stone may be the one that calls to you, regardless of its historical connotations. However, here are some ways people in various cultures use these stones.

1. Lapis Lazuli

Mystics associate lapis lazuli with your throat chakra. It assists with self-expression and may help those with social anxiety be more outspoken. It can aid communication if you have a disorder that sometimes leaves you struggling with your words.

In addition to throat disorders, lapis lazuli assists in blood circulation and immunity boosting and may help ease depression and insomnia. It’s a fabulous stone to use during the cold and flu season.

2. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz aligns with your throat and heart chakra, making it another great one to have on hand if upper respiratory infections that can lead to cardiovascular complications, such as COVID-19, have reached high levels where you live. It’s also said to combat aging-related diseases, such as arthritis. It’s most known as a love stone, making it a good one for meditation if relationship woes create anxiety and depression symptoms.

3. Turquoise

There could be a good reason many AA chips honoring years of sobriety feature a turquoise background. This stone protects against addictions, making it a good one to keep in your pocket if entering an environment where temptation abounds — like your office holiday party. It’s also thought to protect against foreign substances of all kinds, including pollution, and mystics use it in treating lung and urinary tract infections.

4. Amethyst

If you struggle with mental disorders or dementia runs in your family, perhaps you should carry amethyst as a healing crystal. Mystics associate it with the third-eye chakra and believe it can ease anxiety and depression while improving concentration and focus. It’s also said to inspire a serene mindset, making it a favorite “worry stone” among some with panic disorders.

5. Citrine

Sunny citrine also combats depression, but seers associate it with your manipura or solar plexus chakra. It bestows energy, vitality and a strong constitution. It can uplift you with positive energy and protect against stomach and liver problems.

6. Ruby

If you have trouble down below or want to get pregnant, you may wish to meditate on a ruby. Healers have used these crystals in treating sexual disorders and hormonal issues. It is associated with the sacral and root chakras and is especially beneficial for increasing fertility.

7. Clear Quartz

Whichever stone you choose, adding a piece of clear quartz can add to your crystal healing ceremony. This gem is pure healing energy and also amplifies the vibrations of others, so you feel the effects more quickly and powerfully. It enhances any decor, so you can create a special place of honor for it on your altar and use it in daily meditations.

Use Crystal Healing To Your Advantage

It only makes sense to try everything you can to improve your health. Crystal healing creates no damaging side effects and may enhance the effectiveness of other treatments you use. It’s free once you have your stone and easy to practice at home.

Use the above tips to incorporate crystal healing into your holistic journey. Better health could be a mere “stone’s throw” away.

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