Post-natal Care: Congratulations on welcoming the new member, Mumma! Now that you have passed the most painful phase of pregnancy, labor, and delivery, it is time to rest a bit. Motherhood is a beautiful journey. It is filled with joy, love, and many challenges. Post-natal is the first six weeks from the day of childbirth. This phase comes with a manifold set of physical, emotional, and mental changes for new mothers.

This is also the phase where the mother puts all her attention into the care of the newborn. They often overlook that this phase is very crucial for their own body. It’s time to take care of yourself because there have been a lot of changes. Thus, a woman needs to give more care to their body in this phase.

In this article, we will be giving you a comprehensive guide on post-natal care and recommendations.

Adjusting To New Life After Birth

After you deliver your baby, life changes. You must feed your baby, change, and soothe them. Doing all that, you might have little or no time with yourself. Your sleep schedule can be whack. It can take some time to adjust and develop new routines.

Give Some Time To Yourself

Motherhood is a journey of sacrifices. Especially in the first few weeks of childbirth, you tend to sacrifice your time and give it all to care for the baby. The newborn needs extra care and concern, but don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Understand The Post-Natal Changes

Whether you had a C-section or vaginal birth, it could take some time before you feel like yourself again. Thus, an understanding of post-natal changes will help you care for yourself in the right way.

●    Physical changes

Your body has and will undergo many hormonal and physical changes in this journey. Your understanding of these changes is the first step of self-care.

For physical recovery, you need to address post-natal pain and discomfort. Consult your doctor or gynecologist for exercise recommendations to restore pelvic floor strength and stability and manage cesarean section recovery.

●   Hormonal changes

Childbirth comes with several hormonal shifts that are very new to you. You might start seeing its effect on your skin. Can often go through hair loss. You must embrace these body changes and feel good in your skin.

Tips For Post-Natal Self-Care

Taking care of yourself is crucial to your recovery and post-natal care. Here are a few ways to start engaging in self-care:

●   Focus on mental wellbeing

The post-natal phase comes with a rollercoaster of emotions. You need to prioritize your mental wellbeing. It will help you lead a balanced and healthy transition into motherhood.

It is very common to get post-natal blues. You do not have to panic in such a condition. If you find a sign, you must seek support. Consult your doctor. You can engage in mindful and relaxation exercises when you put your baby on a nap.

●   Nurture relationship

Often, a mother gets so engaged in her newborn care that she forgets to give time to other relations. It can cause bitterness in relations and impact well-being. You don’t make such a mistake.

Try to make a balance between maintaining a healthy relationship and navigating the demands of motherhood. You should communicate with your partner and share responsibility. It will help you get more free time with yourself and your partner.

You can also share experiences with other mothers. If anyone in your family or friend has gone through this phase or embarking on one, seek their help. It will bring you closer to them and positively impact your mental health.

●  Get some rest and eat well

You have come out of a tough phase for your body. It needs rest now. You can try to get some sleep when any family member is helping you with your baby.

Make sure that you are eating right. You must ensure that each meal includes protein, fruits, vegetables, and grains. Increase the amount of fiber in your diet if you’re constipated.

Additionally, remember to stay hydrated—especially if you’re breastfeeding. You can also get some external sources of proteins and vitamins. Here are a few post-natal vitamin recommendations for you.

●  Celebrate this new phase of motherhood

This journey of motherhood comes with many exciting and joyous moments. You might be having this experience for the first time.

Make a skin-to-skin bond with your baby. It will help you recover from your post-natal blues.

You and your partner can create small happy moments with the newborn to help you recover better and cheer it for life.


You must remember to take things slowly. Your body has gone through extreme changes and pains. It’s important to take time and relish every moment of cuddle time with your child. You should also be gentle to yourself and allow yourself some space to heal and recoup.

Finally, don’t be afraid to discuss any problems you may have with your doctor about any issues you may be having regarding post-natal depression, your recovery, or the development of your child.

If you want to know more about caring for yourself and your baby during pregnancy or post-natal, visit the Art of Healthy Living website. You will get some key insights and tips on nurturing your baby and caring for your health there. We hope this article will help you in this new phase of your life.

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