Geared Towards Health and Well-Being: URBNC3’s Tailored Sandals Deliver the Perfect Fit and Ultimate Comfort

Shoe Industry: The search for perfectly fitting sandals is a universal struggle that we all face. The reality is, one size simply does not fit all. Not to mention, given the inherent uniqueness of every foot, mass production and standardized shoe sizing does not help to overcome this challenge. My personal journey of finding well-fitted sandals has proven to be frustrating, leading me only to encounter more ill-fitting options and foot discomfort. When I decided to get checked for chronic foot pain, my doctor casually advised me, “Come back when the pain worsens,” brushing off my concerns. I walked out of the clinic, disbelief washing over me, and a single question lingered in my mind: Why should I passively wait for my health to deteriorate before a remedy presents itself? It was this pivotal moment that led to the creation of URBNC3, when I recognized the innovative potential of redefining footwear with a tailoring approach and addressing the pressing issue of foot health and individualized solutions Shoe Industry.

As a co-founder of the Swiss-based startup URBNC3, I have had the privilege of partnering with my former work colleague, Roman. Together, we embarked on this entrepreneurial journey to bring our shared vision to life and revolutionize the footwear industry. At its essence, URBNC3’s mission is to provide more people with access to custom-made sandals to prevent potential health issues caused by ill-fitting Shoe Industry. Sandals that do not fit properly can lead to numerous consequences such as foot pain and deformities, ingrown toenails, and decreased quality of life.

Why Should I Wear Tailor-Made Sandals?

Form-fitting sandals support the natural movement of your feet, allowing the shoe to follow along with ease with your every step. Based on mobile scanning and 3D printing technology, we develop tailored-made sandal soles that capture every curve and contour of a person’s foot. Customized footbeds provide assistance to individuals that deal with specific foot concerns such as high arches and flat feet. While heel cushioning is also beneficial in preventing certain foot diseases and formations. These ergonomic corrections prioritize the focus on long-term well-being by addressing and optimizing factors that contribute to overall physical health and comfort. In addition to the perfect fit, we also emphasize the importance of design and personalization. URBNC3 develops shoes for everyone, and we intentionally avoid gendering our shoe models. The gender-neutral design is meant to welcome a community of different people, ethnicities, gender, and backgrounds all through comfort-driven, futuristic footwear.

Our customers have the opportunity to build their sandals according to their personal tastes. Customers can choose between a slim or chunky sole. In addition, our customers can select from a diverse range of exchangeable straps, allowing them to seamlessly customize a variation of looks with just one sandal base. These straps can be interchangeably switched between minimalist straight straps or chic crossed straps. The selection of colours for all of these components will also fall within our customer’s decision. We are dedicated to creating highly functional shoes that incorporate modern design without compromising quality.

Our brand also prides itself on its unwavering commitment to sustainability. We utilize vegan, biodegradable, and recyclable materials in our shoes, striving to produce them without generating any waste. Additionally, we apply biocompatible materials to our outsoles, ensuring that our sandals do not produce harmful microplastics. In pursuit of this goal, we forged partnerships with research institutions and other Swiss startups.

We aimed to create a product that embodies the principles of the circular economy, setting an example for future generations. It is disheartening to observe that the fashion and footwear industries stand among the least sustainable sectors worldwide. Approximately 90% of the 25 billion pairs of shoes produced yearly find their way to landfills within less than 12 months after purchase. In addition, shoe soles rank as the 7th largest contributor to microplastic pollution. Our shoes are craft under fair conditions in European factories. Since we use biodegradable and recyclable components, our product serves as a resolute statement against mass consumption, waste, pollution, and unethical labour practices prevailing within one of the world’s dirtiest industries.

For interested customers, please visit URBNC3’s Kickstarter campaign to purchase a pair of URBNC3 sandals. We hope to see you joining our sustainable community, and your support means a lot to our campaign. Take a step alongside us in this journey towards a more sustainable earth.

Author Bio

Linda studied Business and Finance at the University of St. Gallen. After working several years in banking, corporate finance and asset management as well as taking leadership roles in startups, she established URBNC3 in 2023.

Linda has a great passion for fashion, footwear, design and sustainable lifestyle.

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