Great Smell Combinations To Add To Your Massages

Great Smell Combinations To Add To Your Massages
Great Smell Combinations To Add To Your Massages

Smell Combinations: Massages of all kinds have been a popular method of wellness and relaxation for many years, with multiple variations available in a professional spa environment Smell Combinations and in the comfort of your home. Many individuals love deep tissue, reflexology and body to body massage for their endless benefits. As well as the techniques used positively affecting our bodies and mental wellbeing, we can also reap the benefits from the essential oils used. Essential oils have many advantages depending on the scents used, including improved sleep, boosting immunity and relieving stress. They can provide a therapeutic, zen environment during your massage experience.

Here are some of the best essential oils you can incorporate into your future massages to maximise your relaxation.


One of, if not the most popular scent used for stimulating peacefulness. A fantastic option for those with sensitive skin, this calming aroma can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.


Light and floral with soothing effects, Chamomile can improve your sleep as well as reduce headaches that affect your productivity day-to-day. This option is amazing for those looking to have an at-home massage from a family member or partner to unwind before bed.


This balancing essential oil featuring earthy but sweet scents will work to rejuvenate your overall presence. With benefits including skin health, improving the body’s circulation and preventing or reducing inflammation, Geranium is a go-to for massage lovers with dry or mature skin.


Another oil with sweet, floral aromas, Ylang-Ylang is most often used during couples’ massages due to its ability to improve feelings of passion, sensuality and love.


With benefits including mood boosting, stress reduction and improved immunity, Frankincense is used in massages for deep relaxation. With a warming scent, a massage with this essential oil will leave you both feeling uplifted and grounded.

Essential Oil Tips

If you are beginning to use essential oils to benefit your daily health, wellbeing and emotions, there are a few tips you can follow when incorporating them into massages.

1. Consider The Needs

It is key to consider the individual, unique needs of the person having the massages that will be benefiting from these oils and scents. Everybody will be looking to have a massage for different reasons. Some may want it for the sleep benefits; however, others may just want to unwind and ease the tension built up in their body after a long day at work.

2. Intensity

Certain essential oils can have a stronger, pungent smell that fills the room. Be aware of the scents you own that require a minimal amount. You are trying to create an inviting environment, do not overwhelm individuals with an overpowering scent. Start with a small amount and build up if you require more; you can always add, but you can’t take away!

3. Dilution

Due to their strong nature, diluting your essential oils before using them on bare skin is important. If used directly on the skin, this can cause some irritation, taking away the enjoyment of your relaxing massage. You can dilute your essential oils in preparation for this in many ways, including distributing them into coconut, almond or jojoba oil. These oils will also have benefits for the skin.

4. Sensitive Areas

There are certain areas of the body you should avoid using oils that contain scents, including the eyes, nose and mouth. If you are having or giving a facial massage, only use natural oils and moisturisers that are suitable for the face.

5. Distribution

Not only can you place small amounts of essential oil into the natural oils mentioned previously to rub them into the skin, but you can also add them directly into the massage oils you are using to get the most benefit. As well as this, placing a few drops into your diffuser will fill the room with a subtle scent that helps create the perfect zen environment for your massage.

Whether you are conducting a massage for a family member, starting a new career in massage therapy or receiving the massage yourself, there are multiple advantages to using essential oils. As well as the oils mentioned, many others provide fantastic benefits, too, including bergamot, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree and sandalwood. Improve mental, emotional and physical health with floral, warming and earthy fragrances Smell Combinations.

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