Life has a sneaky way of piling things on, doesn’t it? One moment you’re breezing through your to-do list, and the next, you’re wondering why you got misty-eyed over a cereal commercial. It’s wild out there, so it’s totally okay to need a little time-out every now and then. For those times when you’re not quite sure if you’re just tired or on the brink of a meltdown, here’s a fun (but oh-so-real) list of signs that stress might be doing the tango on your last nerve.

1. Sleep? What’s That?

If you hop into bed and your brain decides to replay every episode of your life instead of letting you snooze, stress could be the uninvited sleepover guest. Try some lavender mist on your pillow or Naturecan’s CBD gummies to help you chill out before bed and see if that helps.

2. Coffee Can’t Fix This

We all have our morning rituals, but if you’re guzzling down cup after cup and still feeling like you’re in slow-mo, it’s a sign all might not be well in your body and mind.

3. You’re Suddenly Tearful

Ever find yourself getting teary at the drop of a hat? Yep, even over those weird infomercials. Stress can turn those tear ducts into open faucets. It’s much harder to regulate your emotions when you are under a lot of stress, which is why seeing a good therapist can often be a great idea.

4. Your Belly’s Upset

If your stomach’s acting like it’s on a rollercoaster when you’re firmly on solid ground, stress might be steering the ride. Butterflies in the stomach can be a sign of stress and anxiety, but they can also be a sign of something physically wrong with you too, so if they persist best to get them checked out.

5. A Case Of Forgetfulness

Ever read a page of a book and then had no clue what you just read? Or forgot why you opened the fridge? When stress levels rise, memory can take a nosedive. So, before you start panicking about cognitive decline issues, think about whether you have been feeling particularly stressed lately.

6. Your Skin’s Not Playing Nice

When you’re adulting, but your skin decides to revert to its teen years, it’s time to check in with your stress levels. A good therapist may well be better for you than a dermatologist at this point.

7. Everything Feels Overwhelming

The mail’s piled up, the laundry’s giving you side-eye, and even choosing a snack feels like a major decision. If the small stuff feels like climbing a mountain, it’s time to take a breath, and think about whether you might need some help for your stress.

Obviously, if you think you might have a stress problem, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible. This information is just a general summary and only a medical professional can diagnose chronic stress in you. That being said, fi you do spot any of these signs, you should act sooner, rather than later.

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